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Menlo Park, CA 94025

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Creekside Landscaping is the Bay Area’s largest privately operated landscaping firm focused exclusively on residential properties. Examples of our work can be seen in beautiful properties along the greater Peninsula in the Bay Area. Our staff of more than 100 is comprised of skilled craftsmen and artisans with decades of experience in their respective trades including landscape construction, masonry, horticulture, woodworking, electrical, and irrigation specialties.


Our firm was founded in 1992 by Mark Wheeler who learned the trade as a boy at the feet of the master craftsmen and architects working with his father, a general contractor specializing in outdoor work. Over the years, Mark’s passions for art, nature, and business have helped Creekside Landscaping develop a mastery of the technical and aesthetic skills necessary to bring landscapes to life.


Creekside Specialists bring their passion and expertise to each of our projects.



Creekside horticulturalists procure the best plant material from specialized growers around the country, and ensure that everything we do as a firm — from plant selection, to placement, to care and handling — allows the plant material to thrive and endure over time. Our horticultural experts also help troubleshoot and provide integrated pest management solutions as needed.


Irrigation Specialists

Water is the lifeblood of the garden. Creekside irrigation specialists understand how to maximize water efficiency, troubleshoot difficulties, and ensure systems perform at peak performance.


Experienced Foremen

Creekside Foremen, averaging 15 or more years of experience, are the very best in the business. Their leadership ensures your project is executed masterfully, that the highest quality standards are maintained, and that the work progresses on schedule and with a minimum of disruption.


Loyal Crews

Creekside crew members are loyal, full time employees, many of whom have been with our firm for years. Their dedication and continuity allows for smooth progress on projects. They understand the work they are doing and how to do it efficiently under the supervision of our talented foremen.


Strong Professional Partners

Creekside works with architects, designers, local agencies (arborists, town and city staff) and others to ensure smooth project delivery.


Skilled Masons

Today’s landscapes require significant masonry skills. To ensure this critical requirement is met, Creekside Landscaping maintains one of the finest masonry teams in California, allowing our firm to create extraordinary stonework on your project.


Electrical Specialists

Our firm holds all of the necessary electrical contracting licenses and maintains a staff of electricians, specially trained in landscape lighting and outdoor electrical work.



As a landscape construction firm, we are dedicated to the health and preservation of the natural environment.

  • We recycle construction debris such as concrete, soil and yard waste at our own commercial storage yard and at specialized processing centers.
  • We continue to pursue knowledge of emerging best practices and eco-friendly products and to implement and incorporate them into our work.
  • We build every project with longevity in mind. We invest in the best materials and construction practices to ensure that our landscaped endure — consuming resources  once and getting it done right the first time.